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Zac (27.11.2008, 13:36)
I am writing concerning a person, probably with Danish citizenship, who
was found dead in Italy in 2007. The person had no documents therefore
could not be yet identified, but she had some objects in her bag, which
let suppose she was Danish and probably working on software and/or laser

Details about the case and a picture of the woman and her documents, are
available on the website of "Chi l'ha visto", an Italian TV program,
which deals with missing persons:

Should you have information useful to give her an identity, please
contact the staff of "Chi l'ha visto" ([..]) or the
Danish or Italian police.

Please feel free to translate this appeal in Danish or move it to a more
appropriate thread (my knowledge of Danish is too limited for that).

A transcript of the Chilhavisto webpage follows here:

On the morning of November 13th 2007, at 8,30, a woman was found strung
up on a tree at via Cavagliano in the Italian city of Prato. Nobody has
looked for this woman, proving to know something about her or to have
housed her in. This woman appearance was well-groomed. She was dressing a
dark-grey jersey, a pullover and a pair of dark slacks. Her woollen coat,
as well as her shoes, were particular models. Her coat was neatly put at
the foot of the tree. A bag was hanged on the tree. Inside the bag there
were a circle and leopard-coloured hair-pincer, a pair of white sun-
glasses with tiger-coloured large bows, a comb, a box with some food.
Other than some 20 euro bills, there were some paper documents:
- A Vancouver map (Canada), in which "Victoria Conference Center" was
encircled by ink and "Conference 24 - 27 Sept" was written next to. Those
days, in that Center, there was at least one event: the annual "Free and
Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference".
- A map of Copenaghen Airport (Denmark)
- A part of a page showing seascape and mountainous view, and the name
"Antalya" (Turkey) was noted down
- A copy of the "Scientific American" review with a request of
subscription compiled using these data: Henrik Eis Box 211 - 85547 Payson
AZ USA. Looking for the name Henrik Eis on the web, a document comes up
and tells about a doctor in Malov (Denmark), specialized on laser
dermatological surgery. Photos about the patients also appear on this web
- An article related to the using of laser dermatological surgery and, on
its back, the address of Cambrige Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4
4FR U.K., a Scientific District of English Research
- A copy of a local freepress newspaper of Florence area, dated 9th
November 2007. In Florence "Laser Florence 2007" Congress took place from
8th to 10th November.
- A railway ticket (sold also on news kiosks and usable for 20 Km), where
"Time 13:15 VIAREGGIO" was written on.
- Some pages of a magazine showing photos about Royal Danish Family.
Biographical data about members of the Royal Danish Family were written
- A luggage tag of the Norwegian Airlines SAS

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